The Modern Heritage Observatory (MoHO) is a network of institutions and individuals from the Middle East and North Africa founded in 2012, working for the preservation of the region’s modern cultural heritage. We focus on photography, music, architecture and film.



Fundamentalists and Other Arab Modernisms is an exploration of the links between colonialism, fundamentalism and modernity across the Arab World, in an effort to understand the links between each of these movements and their relation to the architecture of the time. At a time, when the Arab World is witnessing many changes, it seemed relevant to reflect on the legacy of the pan-Arab project.


The exhibition has been designed by DW5/ Bernard Khoury architects in Beirut and consists of a large-scale map of the Arab World that references the colonial maps. A circular library that contains the exhibition catalogue and gathers a selection of a hundred built projects between 1914 and 2014 across the Arab World surrounds the map. Above the installation, a dome supports projections of a commissioned screenplay by Studio Safar which comprises of a reading of the 22 national anthems of the arab countries.


A collection of seven different essays form the scientific content of the exhibition and offer a historical overview of the evolution of architecture within the different geographical components of the Arab World: Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, the Levant, North Africa and East Africa. Each essay is accompanied by a selection of relevant archival documents of buildings from that region within the historical period of 1914 to 2014. The archival documents gathered in the publication represent a selection from within a wider collection that will be made available on the online database of the Arab Center for Architecture.


The collection of essays as well as a selection of a 100 buildings will form the basis of the exhibition catalogue entitled, Architecture from the Arab World 1914-2014 a selection, available for consultation at the pavilion.

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To watch a conversation between the co-curator of the Bahrain pavilion at the 14th architecture biennale 2014, George Arbid, and A. Giacumacatos, click here

Arab Center for Architecture
Bernard Khoury/DW5

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