The Modern Heritage Observatory (MoHO) is a network of institutions and individuals from the Middle East and North Africa founded in 2012, working for the preservation of the region’s modern cultural heritage. We focus on photography, music, architecture and film.



Casamémoire: Le Mag

Créée en 1995, Casamémoire est une association marocaine à but non lucratif de sauvegarde du patrimoine architectural du XXe siècle au Maroc. Elle a vu le jour suite à la démolition de la villa Mokri de l’architecte Marius Boyer. Elle regroupe des membres réunis autour de valeurs communes : préservation de la spécificité de Casablanca, valorisation du patrimoine architectural, du tourisme culturel et de la mémoire collective.


Modern Heritage Observatory 2nd Regional Symposium

On the 1 November 2013, the Modern Heritage Observatory (MoHO) held its second regional meeting at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon.


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Egypt, Cinema

Alexandria played a pioneering role in the establishment of the Egyptian cinema industry. Its early cinematographers were amateurs who experimented with this new form of art, and who were scriptwriters, directors of photography, actors and producers all in one. The first studios and films were Alexandrian, and Alexandrian by definition was a mixture of foreigners resident in Alexandria and Egyptians. As the art and the industry flourished, cinema makers gradually moved to Cairo where there was a larger audience, and where the newly created Studio Misr provided sophisticated equipment. Now, a hundred years later, AlexCinema explores the history of the birth of the seventh art in Alexandria, and the attempt to revive the art of film making in the city of its birth.



Architecture, Egypt

Baladilab is a team of architects based in Cairo initiating projects to discover and activate hidden potentialities of Egyptian cities.


Beit Beirut

Architecture, Lebanon, Beirut

Located on the former “green line”, and used as a sniper base during the war years, the Yellow House was threatened with demolition in 1997 and was saved due to the efforts of the civil society and heritage preservation activists. The Municipality of Beirut expropriated this iconic building to be turned into a living cultural center, dedicated to the memory and the history of the city, with technical support from the Municipality of Paris. Beit Beirut will enable its visitors to learn more about the city through a history museum, a media library, an urban observatory, artistic and cultural exhibitions, lectures and screenings.



Photography, Armenia, Maps

Houshamadyan is a non-profit association founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2010. Its mission is to reconstruct and preserve the memory of Armenian life in the Ottoman Empire through research.  


Lens on Lebanon

Photography, Lebanon, Cinema

Lens on Lebanon is an international grassroots documentary initiative formed during the Israeli bombardment of 2006. The documentary material, photo-narratives, and video diaries of daily life gathered here have been conceived, produced, and contributed by residents of Lebanon from all walks of life.


Middle East Photography Preservation Institute (MEPPI)

Photography, Conservation

Offers training in photograph conservation for collections from the Middle East.


The Na'ima al-Misriyya Project

Music, Archives, Egypt

This multidisciplinary project seeks to document the life story of Na’ima al-Misriyya, while also providing a glimpse into the phonograph era of Oriental music in Egypt and the Middle East at large.

Educational Institution

Zaki Nassif Music Program (American University of Beirut)

Music, Lebanon, Cultural heritage, Education

After his passing in 2004, The Zaki Nassif Music Program was launched at AUB, to honor his memory and keep his art alive. The program aims to preserve and promote the musical heritage of Zaki Nassif and seeks to foster excellence in the teaching of music by contributing to its advancement through organizing conferences, seminars and concerts, instating music education at AUB, in addition to a variety of activities.
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